Resource Kits

Resource Kits for Family and Life's Stages

To help cope with the modern complexities of life, EFAP offers a series of Resource Kits filled with literature and self-help resources for self-study. Each kit addresses a different life stage aimed at helping individuals, couples and families better understand common issues and needs around parenting children of all ages, enhancing intimate relationships, and planning for retirement. EFAP's Kits are great for use as materials for independent self-study, or as a helpful addition to EFAP counselling.


Resource Kits are available on the following topics:


  • Expecting a Baby

  • Nurturing Your Newborn

  • Your Growing Toddler

  • Parenting Your Preschooler (3 - 5 years)

  • Parenting Your School-age Child (5 - 8 years)

  • Parenting Your Pre-teen (8 -12 years)

  • Parenting Your Teen

  • Healthy Relationships for Couples

  • Preparing for Retirement


Researched and developed by FSEAP's clinicians, Resource Kits:


  • offer access to some of the best, current self-help information available today,

  • contain an integrated set of easy-to-use and practical articles, tip sheets, pamphlets and booklets, reference materials, and 1-2 contemporary self-help books, and

  • include resources from respected public sources such as the BC Council for Families, MindCheck, Canadian Centre for Child Protection, Best Start, and Family Resource Program Canada.


To learn more, or to order a Kit, Contact EFAP. Upon order, Kits are generally delivered by courier within three (3) business days.


For confidential assistance or to learn more about the Resource Kits offered, Contact EFAP.

Your EFAP may not include all of the services described here. Please refer to your benefit material for more information.